”House Warning Party“ depicts the disaster that follow when the modern homeowner disobeys the rule of Feng Shui to prove that the ancient practice is still relevant in today's real estate community.
1. Living on top of water will cause you to lose money.
2.Working under beam will pressure on the worker.
3. If you door directly faces a neighbor's door, you will have many argument in your family.
4. Don't buy a house beside many house that are higher than it. Or else you will be builied and not confident.
5. Don't live near power lines or you will experience depression or sickness.
6. Don't live in a house too big for you to manage or you will become anti-social or paranoid.
7. If the road runs in a line towards you front door, you will be more likely to be in danger.
8. If you home entrance has a double stairs, you will not be able to keep you wealth.
9. Don't buy a house if the bedroom is above the garage or you will have problems with your marriage.
10. Don't live on lower level ground or you will have many bad accidents.
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