Whale Juice & Blends required a redesigned gift card and in-store menu.
Below are examples of the previous gift card and menu.
The main objective in redesigning the menu and gift card was to set the tone of the brand identity since it was quite inconsistent. The previous menu lacked a smooth user experience which slowed down the time it took for staff to explain the menu to customers and for customers to decide what they want. Furthermore, the store wanted to add more items to the menu, thus, a better way to present the soon to be more complicated menu was necessary.
To save space, the pricing of the products were divided into groups and were labeled with the respective prices. The more popular product groups were also placed closer to the ordering area to make it easier for staff to promote them and so that customers would see those drinks first.
The previous gift card was a photograph with emphasis on the logo, this, not only feels very corporate but feels impersonal to the customer. Our goal was to make the gift card something that feels more personal and something the customers would want to pull out and show their friends. Thus, the illustrative style was selected and less emphasis was put on the Whale logo.
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